Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chambanachik Giveaway

Hi friends ::waves vigorously::

I know I know, I keep saying I'll be back, and then I disappear for months.  This time, I have a good reason, I got a new job! Yay for that but the extra commute and intensity of it hasn't let much time for anything else.  I love it, don't get me wrong but it's challenging and hard but so very fulfilling.

Anyway, the real reason I'm here today is that my lovely friend Erika over at Chambanachik is doing a Christmas Giveaway like she did last year!  24 days of giveaways, how awesome is that!  And guess what...today's my day to giveaway!!!

As you may know, I've got the little bath & body biz and I told Erika I'd love to participate.  So head on over to see what the treat I have in store for y'all.

And maybe...just maybe...one day, I'll actually be back with a legitimate life update post.  These past few months haven't left much room to breathe let alone blog :-)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide from "We Took the Road Less Traveled"

My LOVELY friend Casey over at We Took the Road Less Traveled has created a holiday gift guide to help you out this holiday season.

I just looked through the different shops and oh my gosh, there are some seriously gorgeous things over there.  Not to mention...I'm being featured as well!!!

One of the best parts is that all the shops are offering discounts.  How cool is that?  A bunch of gifts all in one place AND for great prices.  I think y'all should check them out.  Plus, she's awesome and you should read her blog anyway and all her awesome adventures overseas.  To see the Gift Guide, go here, and do it now!

Friday, July 13, 2012

::Brushes off Dust::

Hey everyone!!! ::Waves furiously::  Sorry I have been MIA for what, like, 4 months.  I do apologize.  Life has been crazy busy!  My full time job has been really busy.  Inspiri has been taking off, plus a whole new product line has been very time consuming.  Plus, due to some silly things I've done, I just wanted to take a bit of a hiatus.  I can't say that I'll be blogging every day, but I will be trying to do better.

So how have y'all been doing?  Good I hope.  Let's see, what are some things that have been going on around here?  Hmmm, well first, the hunny and I have been trying to spend a lot of time together.  He's been traveling a bit and working late, so we're doing our best to spend the precious time we have together.  Plus, I love that man even more because he built me a soap shop out in our garage.  I love it and it keeps me super occupied.  I love having a devoted space just for my stuff!

I've also been slowly going through the house organizing, decluttering, and purging so much stuff.  I have a feeling there will be a large trip to Goodwill soon.  Do you guys donate or do garage sales?  I know a lot of our stuff won't necessary sell at a garage sale, but someone in need could probably use it. 

Oh, I built a website, that was pretty cool, but really time consuming.  You should head on over and give it some love http://www.inspiribody.com.  Plus, if you want you can get our newsletter which always has a super awesome discount in it.  I think this month's is the best yet, but I'll keep that as a surprise.  In case you didn't know, all regular website/etsy purchases I have a coupon code for Military spouses!  It's 10% off using MILSPOUSE10.  Ok, I'll stop talking about it now, I can't help it, it's so fun for me.

Let's see, I'm also taking care of the house, the puppies, doing farmer's markets, and just trying to survive!!!!  I promise I'll be back a little bit more now, but just wanted to pop in and say HEY!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Just Because...

I've had so many stereotypes placed on me lately by family, acquaintances, coworkers, friends, etc. I just want to clear a few things up...

Just because I don't go to church every weekend does not mean I am not very spiritual.
Just because I'm a military spouse does not mean I'm super conservative.
Just because I'm good at my job does not mean I love it.
Just because I use reusable bags does not mean I'm an environmental nut.
Just because I stopped arguing with you does not mean I agree with you.
Just because I couldn't make an event does not mean I don't care.
Just because I make the hunny's lunch does not mean I'm subservient to him.
Just because we watch NASCAR does not mean we're rednecks.
Just because I don't cater my world around other people's children does not mean I'm anti-kid.
Just because I keep my mouth shut does not mean I don't have an opinion.
Just because I am slender does not mean I don't worry about my body.
Just because I prefer to buy organic does not mean I don't care about the cost of my food.
Just because I like to buy local &  have my own business does not mean I am anti-corporations.
Just because I have a computer does not mean I'm going to sit around and be an @$$ because I'm not there in person.

Sorry, slight vent, slight response (not to the blogging world). 

What's you biggest "Just because...."

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random Posts

I haven't posted in a while.  Things are just a little crazy around here.  If you follow me on Twitter, I'm sure you know why (if you choose to follow me, write a little note in the comments so I know who you are).  But there's so many things going on, I just sorta need to let a lot of it out.

1) I love my business.  I just wish I could devote more time to it.  Especially the experimentation with the new soap that I'm making.  I want to spend all day in my kitchen.

2) My real job leaves me very drained because I want to help people (I work in marketing) but when they refuse to work with us and just want to berate us, I get frustrated.  One day, my dream job, would be to do Inspiri full time.

3) The baby clock is still ringing like crazy.  I still want to wait for some time, but I am looking forward to having them.  Especially since one of my best friends & SIL are pregnant. 

4) I love my dogs and that they've finally chilled out.  Sitting on a couch being snuggled is about the best thing ever.

5) I got a really nice leather bound notebook from a company that wants us to pay them a TON of money for some program.  They didn't brand the notebook at all.  I decided that was a poor decision.  If it were branded, every time I used it, I'd think of them.  I threw out the other material and have no idea the name of the company.

6) After watching some of my favorite ABC Family shows, I am so stinking glad I'm no longer a teenager.

7) The hunny got me a gift of a pair of pajamas in an ACU pattern and across the butt, it says "Booty Camp".  This is why I love him.  I think I will keep him.

8) I hate laundry.  A lot.  More now than usual.  And making beds, I really hate making beds.

Told you it was random.  And mostly mundane, and not important.  What type of random stuff has been on your mind?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Things I Hate to Hear - Milspouse Version

I normally don't post a lot of military related stuff.  I'm not the best resource, we don't live on post, we haven't had a PCS together, we've only been married 1 year (although together for over 4), I don't use Tricare, and besides him wearing a uniform and deploying, the rest of our life is fairly normal.

However, there are a few things that people say that I really can't stand because I'm a military spouse.  And every one of these, I've actually had asked or said to me.

1) "Wow, he's been gone that long already? Time has really flown." Um, for you.  I'm pretty sure that at one point during any deployment year, time starts to go backwards.

2) ::Complaining about husband going on a business trip:: "Well, you understand, it's just like your husband leaving."  No, no it's not.  Unless your husband is 9 time zones away, being shot at, sleeping on a cot, and gone for 12 months. You mean he's in Chicago, to take customers to a Bull's game?  Yeah, not even close.

3) "There's a military discount, can we get that?" Happened when I went out to lunch with someone.  First, I am not always on the lookout for military discounts.  Yes, they're nice,  but I'm not the service member.  Also, since you're with me, you deserve that too? Huh?

4) "He's gone all the time, aren't you used to that by now?" Can't say that I am.  Whether it's two weeks, two months, or a year, I don't think you ever like them being gone. I usually suck it up, but I have been known to complain now and again.

5) "Wow, I'm surprised you work.  I didn't think most military wives did." ACTUALLY....most of the military wives I know are educated and are either looking for work or due to certain circumstances can't at the present time.  Please don't stereotype them.  There are some bases where it is not easy to get a job near or they know they'll only be there for 9 months.  To me, it implies you think they are lazy.  Also....many of them sell Pampered Chef, Scentsy, or have another Home Based Business.  If you don't think that's work, you obviously can't think outside of the box.

6) "If you don't like the lifestyle, maybe you shouldn't have married him." ::Blank stare:: Yes, because I 100% can decide who I fell in love with.  (PS, you told me 5 years ago that I'd be married to a guy in the military, who goes stock car racing as a hobby, and is a southern, I never would've believed you and laughed hysterically).

7) "Tell him to hurry home." If I had a nickle for everytime someone said this to me....I'd have at least $2. Because he has complete and utter control over when he comes home.  It's totally up to him.  No one relies on him.  It's like he's on vacation or something.

I know there are more, but I just can't even stand to think of them anymore.  What are your least favorite things that people say to you?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Facebook Status Updates...The Annoying Kind

Do you have friends that post the same type of thing every time they post?  I do.  Some of them are fine.  But there are others that make me want to block them.  Let me elaborate on some of these bosters.

Also, please note, that this is a joke post.  I see posts like these every day and they don't bug me one bit.  It's when it's the same post day after day after day and they don't change.  

The Unborn Baby
I have one (or three) of these people on my wall.  Every post them make is in reference to their still-cooking child.  Every one in a while is fine, but sometimes it gets old....and creepy.  For example "We took baby Q shopping for her bedroom furniture.  I stood in front of them and when she kicked, that's the one she chose." Or "Baby Q is hungry.  She really wants a peanut butter and mozzarella sandwich."

Come to Jesus
I appreciate if you are religious.  And have a strong faith.  I think that's great. And these don't bother me, if they come once in a while, but when they post 8 times a day and each time it's a new bible verse, for every status update? Also, if I wanted to read the bible, I would, um, read the bible.  And if they aren't verses, it's things of this nature "God is good! The food I was craving today was the special at the restaurant I'm work at tonight." or "God is watching for me! I couldn't find my keys this morning.  I finally checked the coat I was wearing yesterday, and there they were. The faithful are blessed."  I have a very strong faith, but to me, it is a VERY personal thing.  But then, I also believe in free will.  And that I lose my keys because I'm forgetful.

I hate Drama, but I'm a Drama Mama
EVERYONE has one of these.  They are people who say they hate drama but then they post stuff like "Oh, my poor step kids.  To have these terrible people around them, it is just messing with their head so much."  They post these when they are FB friends with the Ex-Wife's family.  Yeah, you really don't love drama.

My Kids are Better Than Your Kids
I'm all for loving on your kids and bragging about your kids, but it can be excessive.  "Little Johnny cleaned his plate at dinner." Then in the comments "He ate 4 bites of chicken, 2 spoonfuls of peas, and 1/4 of a baked potato.  He deserves a GIANT bowl of ice cream for dessert." Then "He ate all his ice cream.  What a good eater!" I get being proud, but do we really need the play by play and why they're the bestsest kids in the whole world.

Political Party
I love politics, however, I don't talk about it because it is such a hot topic.  And apparently anymore if I don't have the same opinion as you, I'm an idiot and have been living under a rock.  Or have a rock for a brain.   But you know the ones I'm talking about.  The ones that post about their candidate, why their party is the only party worth voting for, and video after video about their favorite candidate speaking.  Or their favorite social issues.  My personal favorites include those articles about abortion, war, and whether or not a boy who thinks he's a girl can be included in Girl Scouts. 

The Flasher (aka They Reveal All)
This particular person lays their whole life on FB for all to see.  "Ugh, I have the worst stomach bug ever.  I've been in the bathroom for 3 days straight."  Or "I can't believe my brother's wife's mother's new husband hit on my sister at the wedding." Or "So happy that my PAP smear came back normal!!!  That weird discharge was making me so nervous."  There are some things that should just not be on FB. 

Shrouded in Mystery...But Not Really
Perhaps my most favorite.  All of their status updates are shrouded in mystery.  And then you find out what it is in the comments, about a week later. "I can't tell you what's going on right now, but we just need prayers."  Then "Thank you for the prayers, can't tell you what's going on, but if you  know my family, you can talk to them."  Then "This is the worst day ever! I can't believe everything that is going on.  Can't talk about it right now."  If you can't talk about it, then why are you talking about it?

Negative Nancy
This person never seems to have a good day.  Everything is always going wrong.  Always.  No positive stuff.   Saw one like this other day "My two girls are sick, and my boy wanted something the minute I woke up.  Now it's snowing.  Stay out of this mama's way, it's a bad morning."  This same type of poster can also be the Flasher, but only the bad stuff that's going on.

The Self (business) Promoter
I'm am totally for having your own business, whether it's Pampered Chef, Scentsy, or your own business that you created.  But sometimes...well "Have you checked out my FB Page?" 1 hour later "Oh my gosh, I have 7 new fans on my FB page, Have you liked it yet?"  30 minutes later..."WE're having a sale in my shop, check it out!" Then another 30 minutes later "Yay, made a sale!  Will you be the next?" 

What are your least favorite type of posters?